The TRANS-FORM project develops, implements and tests real-time traffic management strategies to support proactive and adaptive operations. The tool will integrate new concepts and methods of behavioural modelling, passenger flow forecasting and network state predictions into real-time operations. New empirical knowledge and modelling foundations are developed by undertaking a multi-level approach for monitoring, mapping, analysing and managing dynamics of interchanging travel flows. Analysis of pedestrian and traveler flows at the hub, urban and regional networks is facilitated by data secured from case studies in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden, respectively. The outcomes will help improve coordination between travel modes, in particular in cases of disturbances and disruptions.

TRANS-FORM is funded by NWO as part of its Joint Programming Initiative ‘Urban Europe’. It runs from 2016 to 2019. The consortium consists of universities in the Netherlands (TU Delft), Sweden (LiU and BTH) and Switzerland (EPFL), as well as IBM Research and ETRA.

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