Amsterdam Noord-Zuidlijn

The project studies the impact of the Noord/Zuidlijn: a metro connection in Amsterdam that was inaugurated in the summer of 2018. The situation before and after opening will be compared to each other. It is mainly data-driven research, with aspects like travel times, service reliability, ridership, passenger flows through the network and traveller’s perception. Main data sources are smart card data (data from OV-chipkaart), automatic vehicle location data (based on GPS in vehicles) and survey data. Existing surveys (i.e. OV-klantenbarometer, OViN) will be used, but in addition a new survey will be conducted as a part of the project. Connecting the survey data to the other data sources makes it possible to compare traveller's perceptions with actual network quality (i.e. in terms of travel time or reliability). Smart card data may also be used to estimate public transport route choice models.

This research is conducted in coorperation with the VU Amsterdam, Universtiy of Amsterdam (UvA) and the national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI). This research was funded by the municipality of Amsterdam, Vervoerregio Amsterdam and the AMS Institute. We also cooperate with public transport operators, especially GVB.




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