Advancing Socially Inclusive Mobility in the Amsterdam Transport Region

Over the past several years, issues related to inclusive mobility, transport poverty, and transport related social exclusion have come into prominence as part of a broader examination of the connection between transportation and well-being. An increasing number of scholars having been looking beyond traditional measures of travel time savings and economic development benefits to examine the role of transportation systems in building an inclusive society where everybody has the opportunity to participate and achieve their own goals. Within this literature, there remains an ongoing debate around the most effective methods for evaluating inclusive mobility and how the results of these evaluation methods can be used to create more inclusive transportation systems.   

The Amsterdam Transport Region (Vervoerregio Amsterdam) has been following these developments and wants to ensure that their transportation system is serving the needs of everyone who depends on it. This requires the development of an evaluation framework that is generally applicable for all transportation systems but specifically reflective of the geographic characteristics of the Amsterdam transport region and the diversity of its population. 

The Smart Public Transport Lab of TU Delft will be working in cooperation with the Amsterdam Transport Region to create this framework. It will then be used to identify the issues of greatest concern with the ultimate goal of developing and testing a set of directed interventions designed to promote a more socially inclusive transportation system for everyone in the region. 


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