Rob van Nes

Dr. Rob van Nes is associate professor in the field of analysis, modelling, and design of multimodal transport systems at the Department of Transport & Planning. His areas of expertise include public transport network design, multimodal transport, transport system analysis, travel behaviour analysis and transportation modelling. Previous research topics include travel behaviour in multimodal networks and choice set generation for multimodal networks; reliable and robust public transport network design; large-scale dynamic multimodal transport assignment modelling; travel behaviour in case of evacuations; and, most recently, modelling effects of automated driving on transport network performance.

Van Nes obtained his MSc in Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1982. After developing an optimisation model for public transport networks at Delft University of Technology, he switched in to consultancy. In 2002 he obtained his PhD from TU Delft on the design of multimodal transport networks. His research is published in more than 30 articles in reviewed journals.

He supervises PhD and MSc students and coordinates the MSc track Transport & Planning. He is responsible for the course Transport & Planning in the BSc Civil Engineering and for the MSc course Transportation and Spatial Modelling.

Yap, M.D., Van Oort, N., Van Nes, N., Van Arem, B. (2018). Identification and quantification of link vulnerability in multi-level public transport networks: a passenger perspective. Transportation.

Yap, M.D., Van Oort, N., Van Nes, R. & Van Arem, B. (2015). Robustness of multi-level public transport networks: A methodology to quantify robustness from a passenger perspective. 6th International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability (INSTR), Nara, Japan.

Yap, M.D., Van Oort, N., Van Nes, R. & Van Arem, B. (2015). Robuustheid van multi-level openbaar vervoer netwerken: Een methodologie om (on)robuustheid te kwantificeren vanuit een reizigersperspectief. Tijdschrift Vervoerwetenschap, 51(1), pp. 82-99.

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