Menno Yap

Menno Yap (1989) is working as Post-Doctoral researcher in the Smart Public Transport Lab of the TU Delft. His main expertise is the development of methods and tools to improve measurement, quantification and prediction of the passenger impact of disruptions in public transport networks, and to assess network robustness and resilience. For this purpose, he uses a range of techniques such as simulation, empirical analysis, discrete choice modelling, machine learning and optimisation. Especially better understanding and modelling passenger behaviour during disruptions, by inference from big data sources, have his interest. In February 2020, he obtained his PhD degree (dissertation entitled 'Measuring, predicting and controlling disruption impacts for urban public transport') cum laude at the TU Delft.

Besides his PhD research, Menno also works as principal transport planner and modeller at Transport for London (TfL). He integrates the perspectives of science and industry. His aim is to bring these worlds closer to each other, by first identifying and understanding problems from practice, and then developing state-of-the-art methods to contribute solving them.

Menno holds his MSc in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, and his BSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (both cum laude). He also has a Minor in Social and Organizational Psychology and a Propedeuse in Medicine.

In his spare time he volunteers as tram driver and coordinator of tram operations at The Hague's Public Transport Museum, in the Netherlands.

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