Marko Kapetanović

Marko Kapetanović is currently a PhD student within the Department of Transport and Planning at Delft University of Technology. He conducts his PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rob Goverde and Dr. Niels van Oort.

He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Railway Transport and Traffic Engineering from University of Belgrade, Serbia (2013, 2014). Before joining TU Delft for the PhD in 2018, he worked as a teaching and research assistant at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.

His PhD project is titled "Improving Sustainability of Regional Railway Services". Marko conducts his PhD research on the design of integrated models for actual monitoring and prediction of the CO2 emissions of regional railway lines. The research will lead to a prototype tool for the dynamic monitoring of CO2 emissions. This research is performed in close cooperation with Arriva, the largest regional railway operator in the Netherlands.


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Kapetanović, M., Nunez, A., van Oort, N., & Goverde, R. (2021). Reducing fuel consumption and related emissions through optimal sizing of energy storage systems for diesel-electric trainsApplied Energy, 294, 117018.

Kapetanović, M., van Oort, N., Nunez, A., & Goverde, R. (2019). Sustainability of Railway Passenger Services: A Review of Aspects, Issues, Contributions and Challenges of Life Cycle Emissions. In A. Peterson, M. Joborn, & M. Bohlin (Eds.), Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis: Rail Norrköping 2019 

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