Bing Liu

Bing Liu (1996) is a visiting PhD student from Tongji University (China), where she received her BSc in Traffic Engineering. Bing joined the Smart Public Transport Lab in November 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Oded Cats. Her PhD research focuses on the coordinated design of ride-sourcing service and public transportation. In her dissertation, she aims to reveal the interplay between ride-sourcing and public transit service under cooperative strategies such as ride-sourcing subsidy and transit network redesign. In addition, a joint design method is developed to provide better travel service.

Besides her PhD research, she is also working on the design of transit service with Modular Autonomous Vehicles (MAVs), including the scheduling of single transit routes considering the flexible capacity of MAVs and the customized bus service with seamless transfer between modular vehicles.

Bing Liu

Visiting PhD Student

Smart Public Transport Lab

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