Jishnu Narayan

Jishnu Narayan was a PhD candidate in the Department of Transport and Planning at TU Delft. Jishnu received his doctoral degree on October 22th 2020. He started his PhD in June 2016. He was involved in the research project SCRIPTS (Smart Cities’ Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems). His research within the SCRIPTS Project involved optimal network design for hybrid public transport systems combining traditional line/schedule based public transport systems with innovative mobility systems and investigating implications of integrating modes of traditional public transport and innovative demand responsive services. His major research interests are public transport network design, agent based simulation and application of evolutionary optimization algorithms to public transport network design. 

He did his Masters from IIT Kanpur (India) in Transportation Engineering and Bachelors From NIT Calicut (India) in Civil Engineering. During his Masters he worked in the field of public transport network design. His thesis is titled ‘Optimal Route Network Design and Fleet Size Allocation for Transit Systems using Genetic Algorithms’. He worked for two years in transportation/infrastructure firms in India before joining as a PhD student at TU Delft.

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Jishnu Narayan

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