Flurin Hänseler

Flurin Hänseler has been a post-doctoral research fellow at TU Delft since September 2016, working on the TRANS-FORM project (with Oded Cats) and the ALLEGRO project (with Serge Hoogendoorn). He holds a Ph.D.  in Civil Engineering from EPFL (2016), which he obtained under the supervision of Michel Bierlaire, and a Master's diploma from ETH Zürich in Mechanical and Process Engineering (2011). He's been a Visiting Researcher at MIT (2011) and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2014).

Hänseler F.S., van den Heuvel J., Cats O., Daamen W. and Hoogendoorn S. (2020). A Passenger-Pedestrian Model to Assess Platform and Train Usage from Automated Data. Transportation Research Part A, 132, 948-968.

Hänseler F.S., van den Heuvel J.P.A., Cats O., Daamen W. and Hoogendoorn S.P. (2017). “An Integrated Trip Assignment Model for Passenger Rail Systems”. 6th European Symposium on Quantitative Methods in Transportation Systems (hEART), Haifa, Israel, September 2017.

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