Fariya Sharmeen

Fariya Sharmeen has a background in urban planning with specialisations in built environment, travel behaviour and social networks. Her research interests consist of the socio-spatial contexts of urban and transportation planning and urban regeneration. Recently she has been studying individuals' behavioural traits and policy responses towards cycling innovations and the economic and policy evaluations of demand driven transit systems.  

She holds a PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her PhD research was focused on the relationship between social network dynamics and travel behaviour.  Previously she worked at Radboud University Nijmegen, Imperial College London, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Cities Institute, UK and Utrecht University.

Sharmeen F., and Meurs H. (2019). The Governance of Demand-Responsive Transit Systems: A Multi-Level Perspective. In: The Governance of Smart Transportation Systems, M. Finger and M. Audouin, pp. 207-227. The Urban Book Series, Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-96526-3.

Ghosh, B. and Sharmeen, F. (2018). Cycling transition, user roles and policy interventions: Lessons from a megacity in India. Paper presented at the Smart Cycling Futures Workshop, 27-28 June, Eindhoven.

Krizek, K. J., Sharmeen, F., & Martens, K. (2018). Bicycling in changing urban regionsJournal of Transport and Land Use,11, 805-810.

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Sharmeen, F., Martens, K. and Lagendijk, A. (2016) Cycling Innovations towards Urban Transitions in Energy, Policy and New Modalities, Cycling and Society Annual Symposium, Lancaster, UK.

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