Ties Brands

Dr. ir. Ties Brands holds a MSc degree at the University of Twente in Civil Engineering and Applied Mathematics. His MSc thesis was on optimisation of dynamic road pricing and was conducted at the Dutch consultancy company Goudappel Coffeng in Deventer. After graduation, he started working at Goudappel Coffeng as a public transport consultant, specialised in public transport modelling and data analysis.

In 2010 he started, parallel to his work as a consultant, a PhD project at the University of Twente, Centre for Transport Studies. In 2015 he defended his thesis with the title ‘Multi-objective Optimisation of Multimodal Passenger Transportation Networks’. In the thesis the resolution of measures related to multimodal trip making and corresponding network designs are identified by solving a multi-objective optimisation problem. Methods to analyse the resulting Pareto set provide insight into how total travel time, CO2 emissions, urban space used by parking and costs relate. In the Randstad case study increasing frequencies appears to be more effective to improve sustainability than introducing P&R facilities and train stations.

In September 2017 Ties has started a part-time postdoc position at TU Delft to work on a project that studies the impact of the Noord/Zuidlijn: a metro connection in Amsterdam that started operation in the summer of 2018. It is mainly data-driven research, with aspects like travel times, service reliability, ridership, passenger flows through the network and traveller’s perception.

Ties still works at Goudappel Coffeng, mainly on projects related to public transportation, for example network planning studies, ridership predictions, cost-benefit analyses and data analyses.

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Dixit, M., Brands, T., van Oort, N., Cats, O., & Hoogendoorn, S. (2019). Passenger Travel Time Reliability for Multimodal Public Transport Journeys. Transportation Research Record, 2673(2), 149–160. https://doi.org/10.1177/0361198118825459

Van Oort, N., T. Brands, E. de Romph, M. Yap (2016), Ridership Evaluation and Prediction in Public Transport by Processing Smart Card Data: A Dutch Approach and Example, Chapter 11, Public Transport Planning with Smart Card Data, eds. Kurauchi F., Schmöcker, J.D., CRC Press.

Van Oort, N., Drost, M., Brands, T. & Yap, M.D. (2015). Data-driven public transport ridership prediction approach including comfort aspects. Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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