Sanmay Shelat

Sanmay is a doctoral candidate at the Smart Public Transport Lab and the DiTTlab and is part of the My-TRAC project. He works on public transport modelling and choice analysis with a focus on behaviour under uncertainty. His previous research work has been in public transport network vulnerability and on the combination of bicycle and transit modes.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from India in 2015 after which he arrived in Delft to begin his master’s in Transport & Planning which he completed at the end of 2017 with a thesis on developing an integrated pedestrian behaviour model for day-to-day situations in office buildings.

In his pastime he likes to cycle around aimlessly, browse through Bill Watterson’s fine penmanship and wit, and listen to old Hindi songs. Currently, he is trying to improve his Urdu vocabulary so that he can better appreciate the literature in this beautiful language.

Shelat, S. (2017). "Developing an Integrated Pedestrian Behaviour Model for Office Buildings". MSc Thesis TU Delft.

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