Roy van Kuijk

Roy van Kuijk is a doctoral candidate within the Transport and Planning department at Delft University of Technology. He received his Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. At the same university, he received his Master's degree in Civil Engineering within the Transport & Planning department. He conducted his Master's thesis research about the addition of new modes to existing transport demand gravity models.

Roy is very passionate about emerging mobility services and the integration of these services within the current mobility system. Within his PhD research he aims to combine current insights about these services, such that new knowledge is gained about the demand for and preferences towards these services within more integrated mobility systems.

His PhD research project relates to the integration of multiple transport services in order to facilitate public transport customised to the individual needs of travellers. He conducts this research in close collaboration with the Province of Utrecht, which is one of the partners of the Smart Public Transport Lab.

Van Kuijk, R. N. van Oort (2019), Equity-related impacts of coarser and high frequent public transport networks, including emerging modes, European Transport Conference, Dublin

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