Peyman Ashkrof

Peyman Ashkrof is currently a PhD researcher in the Smart Public Transport Lab, Department of Transport and Planning at Delft University of Technology. His PhD research within the CriticalMaaS project focuses on the supply-side operations and behavioural dynamics in the era of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

He received his master degree in Transportation Engineering from Khaje Nasir University of Technology. Having several years of working experience as a traffic engineer, transport advisor, and project manager, he joined TU Delft as a researcher to investigate the impact of fully-automated vehicles on travellers’ mode choice. Then, he contributed to a supranational project namely “Electric Mobility Europe” to find the initiatives fostering e-mobility and also study electric vehicle users’ route choice and charging behaviour.

Ashkrof P., Correia G., Cats O. and van Arem B. (2019). The Impact of Automated Vehicles on Travel Mode Preference for Different Trip Purposes and Distances. Proceedings of the 98th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Edrisi. A, Ashkrof. P, Ganjipour. H, 2016. Exploration of the Effect of ICT on Travel Behaviour: An Application of Structural Equations Models. International Conference on Modern Achievements in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environment and Urban Management, Dubai, UAE.

Peyman Ashkrof

PhD Student

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