Malvika Dixit

Malvika Dixit is a PhD student at TU Delft working on studying the impact of the new North South metro line in Amsterdam on public transport ridership and quality. 

She completed her MSc in Transport with distinction from Imperial College London in 2014. As part of her Master’s thesis, she developed logsum measures of accessibility for London, and explored their suitability for undertaking transport equity analysis.  

Following her MSc, she was working as a transport planner for a private consulting firm in Dubai for three years, where she worked on various traffic, transport and parking studies. She was also involved in tram station sizing, metro ridership data analysis and pedestrian accessibility planning projects. 

Malvika's main research interests include public transport planning and travel behavior analysis.

Brands T., Dixit M. and van Oort N. (2019). Impact of a new metro line on ridership, travel times, reliability and societal costs and benefits. Transportation Research days, 23-24 May 2019, Gent, Belgium.

Brands, T., R. Veldhuijzen van Zanten, M. Dixit. (2019). De impact van de Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam: vergelijking van reizigers en reistijden (in Dutch). Bijdrage aan het Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk, 21 en 22 november 2019, Leuven, Belgium

Dixit M., Brands T., Cats O., van Oort N. and Hoogendoorn S. (2019). Impact analysis of a new metro line in Amsterdam using automated data sources. Transit Data 2019, Paris.

Dixit M., Brands, T., van Oort N., Cats O. and Hoogendoorn S. (2019). Passenger Travel Time Reliability for Multi-Modal Public Transport Journeys. Proceedings of the 98th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Dixit, M., Brands, T., van Oort, N., Cats, O., & Hoogendoorn, S. (2019). Passenger Travel Time Reliability for Multimodal Public Transport Journeys. Transportation Research Record, 2673(2), 149–160.

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