Jaime Soza Parra

Jaime Soza-Parra is a third year Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering Sciences at the Department of Transport Engineering and Logistics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His thesis is also part of the BRT+ Centre of Excellence and Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable, CEDEUS. He has worked as a teaching assistant of Public Transport and Demand Modelling courses. Besides, he worked in the development of the PUC - MOOC Demand Modelling course in Coursera.

His main research concerns understanding the causes and effects of public transport reliability. This reliability is specially studied in a Latin American context, where most of bus and metro services run without fixed timetables, which means users don’t know arrival times in advance.

During his second Ph.D. year, he performed a 10 months external research stay in TU Delft Transportation and Planning Department as a visiting Ph.D. student.

Finally, he is also part of CoAXs MISTI project, in collaboration with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT. This project seeks to develop an open source and easy to use accessibility platform, in order to improve the decision-making process at different scales.

Soza-Parra J., Cats O., Carney Y. and Vanderwaart C. (2019). Lessons and Evaluation of a Headway Control Experiment in Washington D.C. Proceedings of the 98th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Soza-Parra J., Raveau S., Carlos Munoz J. and Cats O. (2019). The Underlying Effect of Public Transport Reliability on Users’ Satisfaction. Transportation Research Part A, 126, 83-93.

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