MSc thesis: Day to day dynamics in ridesourcing supply

MSc Thesis: Day-to-day dynamics in ridesourcing supply

Unlike traditional transit services, ridesourcing platforms like Uber and Lyft operate in the gig economy. Flexible labour (or 'gig') agreements permit freelance drivers to work for the platform when their opportunity costs of labour are low. Many questions remain unanswered in relation to the value of flexible work for drivers and the implications for travellers and service provider. In this MSc project, you can choose which questions you would like to answer. For example, it may be interesting to learn how part-time and full-time labour supply coevolve and to what extent platforms are dependent on driver retention. You may also evaluate the effectiveness of policy interventions such as a supply cap under different circumstances. To do so, you will develop and implement a model for ridesourcing supply and perform experiments testing several variables in ridesourcing provision. 

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